CAROLE TREMBLAY Real estate broker

CAROLE TREMBLAY photoFidelity, empathy, proximity and simplicity are certainly features that stick to me! It is through my highly developed human side that I manage to maintain exceptional relationships with those around me; both my clients, my colleagues, my family and my friends. I like people, I like to listen to them and I seek the happiness of both parties for more than twelve years, in the exercise of my job as a broker. Established in the Richelieu Valley for 29 years now, I know the community, its resources and its residents. I am very involved in the community. My smile and my helpfulness of my years of hostess and restoration are well anchored in me. I am a woman today passionate about people; especially children and the elderly who have a touching sensitivity. Taking care of others is as important to me as continuing to learn on a daily basis. Continuous training in my professional environment allows me to combine expertise, strength-advice, trend and versatility. In all authenticity, I hope to accompany you soon.
CAROLE TREMBLAY Real estate broker
170 Serge-Pepin Beloeil, Quebec, J3G 0K1 Office
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