Chisholm Galy Real Estate Team

Chisholm Galy Real Estate Team photoJeff and Claudine had been looking at the industry carefully and pondering ways to improve, ways to challenge the status quo, ways to simply do a better job for buyers and sellers. We’ve combined our talents to offer you the most innovative Real Estate presentations available. It’s as simple as this – We are driven to work harder, and more creatively, for you. Real Estate, the Arts, and Technology are our Passions. Working hard is our nature. Coupled with our dedication, and drive to serve, we strive to provide the most comprehensive experience for our clients. Our strong work ethic is deeply rooted: we proudly hail from families defined by strong core values, and entrepreneurial ambition. We are excited to kick things up a notch. We are creative, hardworking and have a really fresh approach to marketing. Our work ethic and drive are well matched. We love what we do, and where we live!
Chisholm Galy Real Estate Team
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