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Timbercreek Estates is comprised of 75 lots on 50 acres in the Town of Kingsville. This unique development offers large single family lots close to amenities and tucked away beside a Provincially designated, protected ravine leading to Lake Erie. This protected Valleyland borders the eastern side of the entire development. Existing lake front and lake view residential uses are to the south and west. To the north are the Chrysler Canada Greenway and the Pelee Island Winery. The Greenway is a well maintained multi-use trail for walking or biking to Windsor or to Colasanti’s in Ruthven with links to a County wide biking network. Shopping is a short walk away via the Greenway or the sidewalks available on both sides of all streets within Timbercreek. Pelee Island Winery’s warehouse serves as a buffer from traffic noise as well as the operations of the Winery itself. The entire roof of the new warehouse structure is covered with solar collectors and tied to the electrical grid.
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