Duguay Real Estate Company

The Duguay Real Estate Company has been operating for twenty-five years. Its shareholders, Philippe, Simon, Chloé and Maude Duguay have extensive expertise in the development of shopping centers and office buildings. They now own more than forty shopping centers in the greater Trois-Rivières area. The Société Immobilière Duguay offers its customers the possibility of finding a site and building it according to their needs. It is therefore possible to make the shell of a building or deliver a turnkey commercial space. For twenty-five years, Société Immobilière Duguay has developed more than 700,000 rental square feet. The expertise of Philippe, Simon, Chloé and Maude Duguay in this area offers their partners a guarantee regarding the choice of locations and the goodwill of them.
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Duguay Real Estate Company
240 Des Forges Street, Suite 201 Trois-Rivières, Quebec G9A 2G8
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