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At this time, Lisa and her husband, James were living in Lac La Biche. The couple first moved there in 2005 so Lisa could study as an emergency medical technician (EMT), later working in surrounding communities. When Lisa and James welcomed their daughter, Liston, they decided to visit James’ family in New Zealand for six months. After their trip, it was time to come back to Lethbridge. In early 2015, they had a son, Harrison. Then in spring 2016, Lisa met with José Rauda to discuss getting back into real estate. Working with José was an easy next step. "José and I had talked previously that if I ever moved back to Lethbridge and wanted to continue my real estate career, we could talk about working together to some extent. "The two had known each other for years and it was a great fit. Lisa and James even met for the first time at Jose's wedding. “We have José and Chantel to thank a little bit for getting us together," she laughs. Lisa says she really enjoys real estate. "The excitement of ‘we’ve made a decision, we're going to buy a house' and then going through each step; I enjoy taking people through it and then seeing them get the keys to their house and how happy they are. I just really enjoy how there's more to it than just show a house and move in. There are stages in between that sometimes make the process stressful but also exciting to see it through."
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