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buyers-sellers-guide-pages.jpg I had long been encouraged by friends and family to consider taking up a career in real estate – and while my path to this career may not have been as simple as that, I did come to agree with them. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in business and a Master’s in theology – both of which come into my real estate practice. I strive to balance business realities with a moral framework that emphasizes honesty and reliability and solid ethical integrity. I also think the fact that I grew up in the business plays a pretty big role in my approach. My father has a respected name in the region, and a roster of dedicated clients that goes back over 38 years. My mother acts as a coach for some of the most successful real estate agents in Canada. Between them, they’ve given me a view of the business that’s taught me the importance of excellent client service on the one hand, and an innovative and up-to-date approach to business on the other.
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