millie panton

millie panton photoMillie Una Panton, FRI (Fellow of the Real Estate Institute), Broker of Record, started her real estate career in 1970 as a salesperson. In 1978, she became a broker and worked as what was then called an associate broker until 1983 when she opened her own office – M. Panton Real Estate Broker, Brokerage, in Hamilton. To keep up-to-date in a fast-paced and ever-changing profession, she attends real estate courses and seminars on a regular basis. Millie specializes in residential real estate but has also handled a variety of property types, such as commercial, business and investment real estate. Millie has a reputation for honesty, integrity and dedication among her clients and peers. She will work 24/7 to give 100% effort to look after her clients and customers.
millie panton
14 Windstar Pl., Hamilton, ON, L9C 7H1
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