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Paul Grewal
Being born and raised Penticton, I had the privilege of spending my childhood working with my family on our Naramata orchard. After high school, I tackled my first agricultural project; my own 18 acre orchard, right here on the Naramata bench. From that day forth my passion was ignited, and since then I’ve watched our beautiful industry remain true to its core, while also watching it evolve. In University I studied business; with a focus on marketing. Upon graduating I wanted to integrate another passion of mine, riding. So, with the help of a good friend I was able to harmonize my education with my passions and Freedom Bike Shop was born. I am a firm believer that if you follow your passions, success will be sure to follow. Now after more than a decade selling, riding and fixing bikes; I have met some amazing people with even more amazing stories of how our little shop impacted there life. Cycling will forever be a focal point in my life , however my new chapter in life will allow me take a step back from the shop and pursue my next passion; the real estate industry. Together with my amazing wife and a great friend, l am excited to see how this next phase will unfold.
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