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Richard Beaumier
Richard Beaumier, MBA, FCA, FCPA, CFA Chartered Real Estate Broker, DA. Christie's International Real Estate Luxury Specialist REAL ESTATE PROFILING RB Since 2006, Richard has quickly made his mark in real estate by achieving more than 500 transactions which places him at the top of the leaders in residential and commercial real estate. Holder of an MBA, this Chartered Professional Accountant is able to meet the needs of a demanding clientele whether it is composed of sellers or buyers. He is successful in dealing with commercial properties as well as exceptional residential properties and condos that require special expertise during appraisal, marketing and negotiation. With over 40 years of experience in business, its success is based on outstanding expertise and solid professional training that allow it to offer several alternatives and solutions to close deals masterfully and satisfy various stakeholders in the files. The sharp spirit, energy, dedication, creativity, listening and integrity are the qualities that stand out most in the testimonials he has received throughout his career. A seasoned financier, a fine strategist and a fine negotiator, he serves his clients with care, energy and professionalism. Richard regularly writes memoirs that grab the attention of journalists who often ask him for interviews to get his opinion on real estate issues, including the delicate issue of mortgage penalties.
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