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Jim Beh

Jim enters the world of Real Estate after an extensive career in the financial services industry. He brings significant expertise and experiences in Technology, Global Sourcing, Procurement, IT Professional Services, Vendor Program Management, and Finance Leadership. Jim is currently a member of...

2 - 71 Villarboit Crs, Vaughan, ON L4K 4K2

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Sylvia Smith

Sylvia Smith has lived in a number of communities in the Great Toronto Area such as downtown Toronto, West Toronto, Scarborough, Durham, and Vaughan, and has extensive knowledge of many communities across the Greater Toronto Area. She is also an avid cottager for over 25 years and sells...

3582 Major Mackenzie Drive West, Suite 204, Vaughan, ON L4H 3T6

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Nick & Angela Oppedisano

Nick and Angela Oppedisano are the backbone of the OP team with over 15 years of experience. They are the top Realty Team at RE/MAX Premier,specializing in the Vaughan area. To Nick and Angela, earning their client’s trust is crucial.They do so by always putting their clients’ needs first, and...

3560 Rutherford Road Unit 43, Vaughan, ON. L4H 2J3

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Andrey Zavidovskiy

I have found my calling and my life long career. This is not a part-time gig or a hobby for me. This is my professional area of expertise. I spend everyday learning more about the real estate market and the growth of our beautiful city. The more knowledge I acquire the more valuable I become to...

7900 Bathurst St, VAUGHAN, ON L40J8

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Brian Abela

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77-9100 Jane Street Building L Vaughan, ON L4K 0A4 Canada
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Peter Cerrito

He is a motivated, sharp, and determined individual that utilizes these essential attributes in this fast paced and competitive environment of real estate. Peter has many years of customer service experience, including an administrative role for a Canadian home builder. Peter attended Humber...

8551 Weston Road Vaughan

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MARIO Armani

MEET MARIO! I’m a proud husband to my wife Katherine and a blessed father of two beautiful boys Alexander & Cristian; and, lest we forget, my awesome hairless cats Sofia & Charles. As being physically healthy is a huge part of my life, I enjoy going to the gym & playing soccer which...

595 Cityview Boulevard unit 3 Vaughan

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ilan joseph

Ilan Joseph is a Real Estate Broker with Sutton Group and is co-founder of a 10-person award-winning Toronto, Thornhill and Vaughan real estate team. You can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. For over 10 years, Ilan has provided more than 1500 buyers and sellers valued...

1206 Centre street Vaughan, Ontario L4J 3M9

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David Ursino

I will earn your long-term loyalty and trust by providing you with exceptional, personalized service. I will do so by putting your needs first and caring for the outcome of your negotiations. I take your satisfaction personally. I will provide you with the most comprehensive real estate service...

9411 Jane St, #16 Vaughan ON L6A 4J3

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